Policies & Procedures

All policies & procedures are in place based on current public health protocols. Policies & Procedures will be updated as public health protocols change. Parents will be notified of any changes.


  • All parents and students are required to self-screen prior to coming to class
  • If students are experiencing any symptom of illness (outlined on Government of NL Covid 19 website) that is new, worsening, or unexplained, they are not permitted to attend class
  • If students and/or parent/guardians have been directed to isolate as per Public Health policies (see flow chart on Government of NL Covid 19 website) they are not permitted to attend class 


  • As per current public health guidelines, masks are not required
  • Masks may need to be worn by dancers throughout classes depending on Public Health recommendations
  • Masks may be worn by teacher during periods of increased cases of Covid-19


  • Hands must be sanitized upon entry to the building (Hand sanitizer will be available in waiting area and dance space)
  • All high touch surfaces will be sanitized in between classes
  • Any equipment (ie. balls, hoola hoops, ballet barres, etc) will be sanitized before every class


  • No peanuts or peanut-containing foods are permitted inside building 


  • Please arrive ~5 minutes (no more than 10 minutes) prior to start of class
  • Only students may enter the dance space – parents are not permitted in dance space
  • Parents of 3-4 year old students are required to wait in waiting area throughout their child’s class
  • Parents of students 5 years of age and older may leave the building during their child’s class but must be available by cell phone and must return 5 minutes prior to the end of class
  • Students 5 years of age and older must be independent with toileting if parents/guardians are leaving the building – Con Moto Dance staff do not provide any assistance to students in the washroom


  • Should in person classes need to be cancelled due to Covid 19 or any other reason (ie. poor weather conditions), classes will go ahead virtually in their scheduled times via ZOOM
  • ZOOM connection information will be shared via email within 24 hours prior to class


  • Fees are payable by e-transfer to conmotodance2020@gmail.com
  • Receipts will be issued via email
  • Fees must be paid in full AND waiver/registration form submitted online at conmotodance.com   prior to first day of classes in order for students to attend 


  • Fees are non-refundable unless classes (in person and virtual) are cancelled by teacher